Trees, Love, and Marriage

May 11, 2015

Do you ever think about the stories that trees could tell? So much of the past has happened underneath them. Farmers have planted under their branches, children have played together, and lovers have kissed. They have weathered ferocious storms, and come out stronger for it.

I had the pleasure recently of driving way out to the country for Samantha and Parker’s engagement session. There was this magnificent tree that we took some pictures of them underneath. The light was streaming through just right as the sun was going down .. it was perfect.

But it got me to thinking, about how love and marriage is exactly like a tree …

nc film engagement photography_0377

There are some very interesting similarities between trees and a marriage. Funny then that we call our history a ‘family tree’.

Both trees and marriages weather through storms, and usually come out stronger as a result. Children are protected by the branches (shelter) of both a tree and what we give them as parents. Both trees and family are a place of safety. Often because of the protection that trees give, plants underneath grow better. In the protection of family, children grow in the safety and nurture of their loving parents. Love starts out small, and then grows bigger into a relationship whose roots are deep and well grounded … just like a tree!

There is so much to be said for the importance of having a strong, loving marriage, which grows into a strong loving family. This doesn’t just happen magically. It takes a commitment to each other and hard work (just like any relationship does). Anna and I have always been grateful that our families support us in all our endeavors, and are always eager to help us when we need help. It isn’t something we take for granted, and are thankful to God for the family he has blessed us with. Our family blesses and encourages our marriage, and gives us strength when we need it to get through rough patches. Today I would just encourage you to thank your family for some way that they have blessed your life. Plan some gatherings together this summer with your extended family, and share some stories from the heart together as you spend time with each other. In today’s society, families are sometimes under-appreciated in the all out drive for self advancement. But, the strength and support of family is so crucial to relationships, our children, and even the development and nurturing of love itself.

Find a tree. Gather under it’s strong branches with those that you love and are dearest to you. Plant a kiss on your lovers lips under it’s branches. Gather your children together and have some fun seeing who can climb the highest. A tree can be a great place to create some special memories of your own.

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