About Our Team


Since a young age, I’ve been surrounded by art, music, and love. When I married my lovely wife Anna, we started an adventure together that led us down this road of capturing stories of love through emotional images. Two years ago, our family grew as we welcomed a beautiful daughter, Charlotte, into our family. She is the light of our lives, and makes us smile each day. Time feels like it moves so fast sometimes, and I treasure the weekly polaroid images I take of my daughter, and the tangible and real images that we’ve photographed and can flip through.

This is part of why capturing the story of where your lives begin together is so fulfilling to me. Knowing that I am able to photograph a moment in time that you’ll look back on one day and share with your children and grandchildren in years to come makes every day worthwhile. A wedding is the start of a new family, a future legacy. Anna and I both believe that a strong and imperfect marriage is more beautiful than the most perfect wedding day. Our love for marriage and seeing two people give themselves to each other to create something beautiful led us to create a unique photography experience that continues beyond your wedding day.

As a fine art film photographer, I have a deep love for all things that are analog and take time to produce. I believe that photos, like art, should be taken and handled with care. I love taking time to think through each frame, and compose images that capture heart and soul ... photos that are raw and emotional, and intensely romantic.

I have a passion for both storytelling and adventuring. When I’m not capturing love stories through my lens, you can find me exploring with my family, either in the mountains or while digging our toes in the sand, searching out eclectic diners, and enjoying family living at home in the southeastern United States.

Brent Deitrich has been honored to have had his photography featured worldwide in print and online publications like The Knot, Bridal Guide, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Cottage Hill, Grey Likes Weddings, and Elizabeth Anne Designs. In 2014, one of his film images made the Top Ten in the World in Belle Lumière Magazine. He also hosts The Gathering, an intimate retreat for 15 film photographers held twice a year.



I believe in the power of stories, their ability to tap into humanity and nourish the spirit. I also believe in love—and not just the grand gesture, hot air balloon ride under the Northern Lights, Oscar-worthy-performance kind of love. I believe in the kind of love that knows how you like your eggs in the morning, the kind that wraps you in a hug after a long day, or is content to simply sit next to you—the kind of love that you look at from across the room and realize they’re already looking at you. I believe in that small, quiet, human kind of love that shakes the soul and awakens the heart to this ordinary, extraordinary life. And by some miracle, I have been blessed with the honor of documenting that love!

In this life, I have been blessed with a big, crazy, beautifully flawed family with a penchant for shenanigans and a tendency to document all of them! At the helm of this tendency was, quite noticeably, my grandmother—a photographer and steadfast archivist herself, she papered the walls of my childhood with familial history of time since gone. In doing so, she allowed my childhood self to wander the endless beautiful paths of her memory—to relive the lovely corners of a life I was too young to share. It was this unintentional gift which seeded in me a great love for photography and, more importantly, its capacity to document and preserve moments for future generations.

As a photographer, that is my greatest hope: that the cameo I have in the infinite sunrises and sunsets of your lives together would be a meaningful one, that it would leave you with moments frozen on film and in time—and that those moments and memories would adorn the walls you build together for curious eyes and pondering hearts to enjoy for years to come.



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