Client Welcome Gifts – A Box of Heirlooms

October 22, 2014

In this past year, our hearts have felt led to focus our photography business on promoting the things that really matter in marriage and life, going beyond beautiful weddings to inspiring our brides and grooms to build beautiful marriages. Marriage is much more than just a wedding day – it should be something that grows, weathers the storms of life and gets better, like fine wine, with each passing year. It’s often said that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. We truly believe it is just the start, and that each successive day can be even happier than the previous one.

Every year, we welcome our new brides and grooms to our family with a carefully handpicked (and sometimes even handmade) box of goodies. This year, we wanted to include things that we envision will become heirlooms to them. We wanted to gift special items that our couples can pass on to their own children one day, and that will always remind them of the significance of this season in their life. We also wanted it to have warmth, love, and a touch of a smile. It’s the feeling you have when you’re snuggled up with your lover with steaming drinks in hand, with a flickering candle nearby filling the air with sweetness,  and a record playing softly in the background. Or when you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal together in the kitchen, and afterwards, while you’re washing the dishes, he takes the towel and with a smile says, “I’ll dry.”.

Our wish is that these seemingly everyday items become interwoven with precious memories throughout the years ahead for these soon-to-newlyweds, and we’re sharing them with you today in the hope that you find them inspiring too. :)

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Sources for our wedding photography client gifts: Spoons: handmade from vintage silverware / Candle: Sweet River Candle Company / French Towel: Wedding Chicks / Lavender: Mezza Luna Lavender Farm / Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic / Mugs: West Elm / Caramels: Lovely Candy Company / Cocoa: Starbucks

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