The Monday Journal

March 18, 2013

Well Happy Monday y’all! Mondays are always a little crazy for us .. we start the morning catching up on emails and other correspondence that came in over the weekend, and normally there doesn’t feel like enough time to put together a coherent blog post for everyone to enjoy :) So, for those times when we don’t have a pretty engagement or wedding to show you a sneak peek from on Mondays, I’m going to attempt something called The Monday Journal as a snapshot of some of the highlights of our weekend.

We had some good news from our friend Sarah at La Gartier that some of our photography work we had done for her was featured in the newest print editions of The Knot and Contemporary Bride. Yay! That definitely put a smile on our face for the weekend!


Last week we spent most of our evenings working on a secret project to surprise Anna’s mom, Angie, for her 50th birthday. We couldn’t post a word of it online anywhere (except our secret Facebook planning group!) because we didn’t want her to find out about it. Our surprise was that we decided to work together as a family and do a complete makeover of her bedroom and bathroom while she was out for a few hours on Saturday. We ended up running into more problems along the way, but definitely surprised her with the transformation! We were pretty pleased with our creativity .. we made a new bedroom headboard out of repurposed pallet lumber, refinished furniture pieces, repainted, and of course graced the wall with some custom art and some of our favorite beach photography. We’ll try and share some photos tomorrow of the new look!

Some things we learned over the weekend:

  • Just because an electric wire in the wall is the one you think goes somewhere, doesn’t mean it is the right one to cut! 
  • Minwax Stain / Poly All-In-One is not really stain. It’s more like paint (we found out the hard way by trying to apply it like stain)
  • Sometimes studs are not where the stud finder says they are.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Angie! Her birthday was yesterday and we had a great time at Chili’s followed with some pistachio birthday cake afterwards. We always have to do something green for her birthday since it falls on St. Patricks Day :)

happy birthday angie

happy birthday angie

xoxo, Brent & Anna

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