The Best Present: Sarah & Ben

January 22, 2013

It was Christmas morning … how much more perfect could it be? For Ben to ask Sarah to be his wife, and have her say yes would have to be the best present of all. And that’s exactly how it happened that Christmas day when he proposed ….

When we met Sarah & Ben a few months ago, we could tell they were so in love. Obviously in our line of work, we see a lot of couples who are really in love with each other (it’s one of the perks of being a wedding photographer!), but it still really warms our heart each time. Sarah is a former a New Jersey girl who fell in love with this southern boy when she met him, and after spending time together, they knew they were meant for each other. Since they both love being outside in nature, and especially playing with their golden retriever, Bear, a local park made the perfect setting for their engagement session.

The light that day was especially gorgeous, and these two are just gorgeous together… seriously. You may have noticed that we couldn’t stop sharing sneak peeks this past week from their session, so we’re REALLY excited to show off the rest of their sweet images today … (though it’s happening much later than we planned. Boo internet problems! )

sarahben-engagement_0001 sarahben-engagement_0002

The image on the left above is so sweet .. I shared a really large peek of this the other day because it made me smile so much every time I looked at it .. And is it just me or does Sarah remind you a bit of Julianne Hough? :)

sarahben-engagement_0003 sarahben-engagement_0004

We’re so glad Sarah & Ben included Bear in their session, and we got some adorable images, including him sitting (so still, I might add!) with Sarah’s ring on his nose. Ben has trained him well, and he sat there as still as could be once he was told to!

sarahben-engagement_0005 sarahben-engagement_0006 sarahben-engagement_0007 sarahben-engagement_0008 sarahben-engagement_0009 sarahben-engagement_0010 sarahben-engagement_0011 sarahben-engagement_0012

So incredibly romantic!

sarahben-engagement_0013 sarahben-engagement_0014 sarahben-engagement_0015 sarahben-engagement_0016 sarahben-engagement_0017 sarahben-engagement_0018 sarahben-engagement_0019 sarahben-engagement_0020 sarahben-engagement_0021 sarahben-engagement_0022 sarahben-engagement_0023 sarahben-engagement_0024 sarahben-engagement_0025 sarahben-engagement_0026 sarahben-engagement_0027 sarahben-engagement_0028 sarahben-engagement_0029 sarahben-engagement_0030 sarahben-engagement_0031 sarahben-engagement_0032 sarahben-engagement_0033 sarahben-engagement_0034 sarahben-engagement_0035 sarahben-engagement_0036 sarahben-engagement_0037 sarahben-engagement_0038 sarahben-engagement_0039

sarahben-engagement_0040 sarahben-engagement_0041 sarahben-engagement_0042 sarahben-engagement_0043 sarahben-engagement_0044 sarahben-engagement_0045 sarahben-engagement_0046

So cute! Doesn’t this just make your heart happy?

sarahben-engagement_0047 sarahben-engagement_0048 sarahben-engagement_0049 sarahben-engagement_0050 sarahben-engagement_0051 sarahben-engagement_0052 sarahben-engagement_0053 sarahben-engagement_0054 sarahben-engagement_0055 sarahben-engagement_0056 sarahben-engagement_0057 sarahben-engagement_0058 sarahben-engagement_0059 sarahben-engagement_0060

Sarah, you are gorgeous!


Sarah & Ben, y’all are so sweet together. These pictures just show the love that you already both have for each other, and we know your wedding in March is going to be such a special day! Thank you for giving us the privilege of documenting your journey of love together …

xoxo, Brent & Anna

P.S. Friends and family can view their full engagement gallery + order prints & products on our Print Shoppe.

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