Pretty Pictures

June 21, 2013

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” ~ William Wordsworth

There’s always something so tangible and special about holding your beautiful photos in your hands … a satisfaction that comes from your hands brushing across the paper, and not needing an electronic device to view the image over and over again.

As mixed film + digital photographers, we’ve always placed a high priority on printed images and include something printed in every one of our packages. Now we’re pleased to announce that all of our portrait collections as well as the The Magnolia Wedding Collection include paper proofs of all your images like the ones pictured here from Mary & Don’s gorgeous engagement session. We’ll always still have online proofing as well, but this gives our clients something tangible they’ll still be able to pick up and view years from now, when those electronic devices no longer function or the usb drive you’re used to inserting today becomes outdated. :)

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xoxo, Brent & Anna

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