Perfection and Love

June 5, 2013

“if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content” ~ Anna Karenina, Tolstoy

Our society is obsessed with perfection. Not only that, but in our society’s craving for everything instant, we also want instant perfection as well. We are bombarded every day with ads, television, and media that wants to promote the latest and greatest slick craving we should want to have … all presented in perfect high definition.

Anna shared an article on her Facebook the other day that made me start thinking … in the wedding industry we often spend so much time obsessing over trying to imitate the things we see around us, whether that be wedding day decor, outfits, or ‘perfect’ poses. None of these things are wrong in and of themselves, and I am certainly not condemning viewing these things as inspiration. But, in the end – each person is quite uniquely different from the other. We are all little snowflakes made by God’s hand, and not a single one of us is exactly alike. What looks like perfection on someone else will most likely look incomplete on us, because we are not defined by others – but are already defined by our Creator.

Love is not perfect either. Sometimes in stories it feels like it is, but real love is filled with little imperfections and growing pains. Each person’s love is uniquely different, and the way they fit together as a couple is such a marvelous miracle. As flawed as we all can be, it’s amazing that we find that special person who loves us – stumbling about as we are, flailing our arms around as we attempt to put this label of perfection on something as simple as love.

So, I don’t mind when the expressions are real and genuine instead of staged, the camera a little shaky, or the photo a bit grainy or blurry. It reminds me that we’re all imperfect anyway, and there can be such beauty when we embrace our imperfections, stop comparing ourselves to others, and live joyously together in the moment right in front of us.


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