A Letter to Charlotte

July 21, 2014

As you lay asleep in my arms, I can’t help but admire your feathery lashes, the flush of sleep upon your cheeks, and those perfectly formed, relaxed rosy lips. You are beautiful, my darling. Just a few minutes ago, we were in the throes of teething, and nothing Daddy or I did could seem to make you comfortable. So we held you through the pain, tickling your tummy and helping you stand on your tippy toes, anything we could think of to get your mind off of the discomfort.

You are our world. From the moment you made your appearance, our lives turned upside down, and though we thought we were prepared for the change you were going to bring into our lives, boy, were we in for a reality check! Prior schedules ceased to exist, priorities shifted, and for those first few weeks, Mommy and Daddy were walking zombies, floating on cloud nine. And we wouldn’t change a thing or have it any other way.

Because when we thought we’d topple over from exhaustion, your smile through our bleary eyes wove it’s way right down to our hearts. You bring so much joy to our lives. From that heart-melting smile of yours, to the happiness that radiates all through your body when you discover you can do something new, you make mommy and daddy smile and laugh together more than we ever have in our lives.

The miracle that you are caused our hearts to bond in a deeper way, and I want you to know there is nothing Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t do to love, provide for, and care for you always.

Being your mommy is one of the greatest things I’ve had the privilege of doing, and every day I thank God that I get to cuddle you, kiss your chubby cheeks, make silly noises to make you laugh, and most importantly love you, which I do, with all of my heart.


your adoring Mommy

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