To the Dreamers

December 31, 2014

Here’s to the dreamers and the creatives. Those who want more from life than what the status quo looks like, and believe that success isn’t measured by how many followers you have on social media, or how much work you do in a year. Those who believe that family time will always be more important than the number of hours you spend working in a day, and that life is too short to live stressing and worrying about keeping up with the Joneses.

Happy New Year, friends! Today always feels like closing the final chapter on a much loved book, and tomorrow is opening the cover on a brand new one. The New Year is just another day, but it still has that crisp new book smell, and carries with it the dreams and aspirations of a better and more hopeful year than the one before.

This year has changed our lives in many ways. But one thing that it has taught is that life moves by very quickly. We’ve learned the importance of savoring each moment, living like there’s no tomorrow, and taking time to just slow down. I read something recently that said technology has enabled us to do more in an hour than was ever possible before, and yet people are still working more hours in a day. We work too much, and play too little. Purposeful and intentional work is key to a fulfilled and balanced life, but we are distracted by so many things that take us away from what is really important.

So in 2015, let’s be more purposeful and intentional. Let’s turn off social media and cell phones and focus on family. Let’s take pleasure in small discoveries and adventures, and live a fulfilling life with no regrets for each day. Let’s serve each other more, and focus on ourselves less. Let’s spend more time reading literature that stimulates our brain, and less time reading status updates.

Let’s live more in 2015. Cheers!


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