Childhood Sweethearts

May 14, 2014


It started with seeing a chalkboard cake. We were inspired to do a shoot that was based on the story of two people getting married who had been sweethearts since school. When they were little, they’d pass notes and hang out together during recess, until finally – they were pledging their lives together – with a childhood sweetheart wedding theme. Every element of this shoot was designed around schoolhouse romance … and we were very lucky to have a beautiful gown from Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall for the shoot. We talked to Lauren at Every Last Detail in advance about doing it as an editorial feature for her blog, and it was published yesterday on her blog (you can view it here).

At the last minute, we were not sure if we were going to be able to pull the shoot off. It was scheduled for the week that we ended up being in the hospital with Charlotte Anne, and we were very distracted by what was going on with her. We had a great group of vendors, (special thanks to Stephanie, Michelle, & Rebecca) who were able to pitch in at the last minute and wrap up loose ends for us with some elements we hadn’t finalized yet. We couldn’t have done it without all of you! And, it all turned out so beautifully. :) And special thanks to our friend Lauren and her newlywed husband Vaughan who modeled it for us .. aren’t they adorable?

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Vendors: Planning & Design: Viva L’Event / Invitations, Stationery, & Lettering: Crafty Pie Press / Vintage Rentals: Farm and Filigree / Reception Venue: The Cookery / Bride’s Dress: Leanne Marshall / Doughnuts: Monuts / Linens, Plates & Napkins: CE Rental / Cake Design: Edible Art Bakery & Dessert Cafe / Hair & Makeup: Karen Michelle Clark / Film Processing: Photovision / Bride’s Jewelry: Glitz and Love

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