Butterflies, Birthdays, and Love

November 3, 2014

With Charlotte Anne in your arms, you made your way to the living room while I put the finishing touches to my makeup on in another room. I heard the clink of piano keys and shortly after, beautiful hymns and melodies filled the air. And, along with the piano chords, I heard the voice of our sweet baby as she attempted to sing along to the music. My heart swelled with gratefulness for being so blessed to have the two of you in my life, and my eyes misted over for this being just one of many memorable daddy-daughter moments you’re beginning to engrave on her heart.

It’s your birthday today and seven years of marriage later (wow, it’s still so hard to believe!), my thoughts this day are on how thankful I am to be journeying through life with you by my side. This is your first birthday since Charlotte Anne was born, and I’m thrilled for all the firsts, and all the happy memories we can make together with her.

You are my the love of my life. I knew it from the very first time we met- feeling the butterflies as you walked towards me at the RDU airport after flying to North Carolina to meet me for the first time, with me shyly stealing glances and hoping you’d like me after we’d had countless texts, instant messages, and phone calls before that moment. And I know it now, with the deep love and intimacy that years of marriage can bring .. two hearts beating as one, dreaming the same dreams, working together for the same purpose, loving and choosing to love, weathering the sunshine and the storms of life. And, you still give me butterflies. :)

Happy birthday, my love. xoxo



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