Thinking Out Loud

July 11, 2016

Blue Wedding Inspiration

We were inspired by romantic nights, with stars twinkling above as lovers wrap themselves in each others arms. They look up at the inky deep blue sky, with a million stars glowing like candles. As the night gets late and cooler, there is the promise of a rosy hued dawn soon to appear. Gazing into each others eyes, and reminded of a favorite song, she whispers “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars”.

From this setting, Michelle Wright drew a color palette of mixed blues, grey, and twinkling candles set in an array of metallic elements to bring to life this elegant wedding inspiration. The varied blue colors, from the bridesmaids Jenny Yoo dress combined with a stunning blue pear shaped necklace, to the sprawling table centerpiece with assorted blue candles, and the ring box from France with dark blue velvet underneath a dazzling light blue stone – all contributed different shades of blue. Everything was set against a primarily white background for a glamorous and elegant effect. Sparkling white pears on the table added dimension to the glittering tablescape. The cake incorporated the lyrics from the Ed Sheeran song (Thinking Out Loud), with metallic accents and hand lettering, draped with a beautiful floral cascade. The Camille dress from Lea Ann Belter added both elegance and organic beauty with it’s beautiful french alencon lace details, and sweeping silk organza overskirt. The simple and elegant letterpress stationary with it’s silver lined envelope echoed the aesthetic of the overall inspiration. Inspired by the romance of the song lyrics, the ceremony backdrop is their elegantly lettered wedding vows.

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featured on Style Me Pretty / photographed on Fuji 400H film / Mims House Wedding Photography / NC Fine Art Film Wedding Photography / Weddings Inspired by Music / Blue Wedding Inspiration 

event design: Michelle Wright Events / venue: Mim’s House / foral design: Amy Lynne Originals / cake: Maxie B’s / stationary: Crafty Pie Press / bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka / bridesmaid’s dress: Jenny Yoo / hair & makeup: LULA Hair & Makeup / groom’s formal wear: Brooks Brothers / bridal gown: Lea-Ann Belter bridal Flagship Boutique / bride’s ring: H. Stern / bridesmaid necklace: Glitz & Love / candles: Yummi Candles / ceremony backdrop: Five Dot Design / earrings & accessories: Aubre’s Bridal / groom’s accessories: The Tie Bar / jewelry box: Silk & Willow / linens: CE Rentals / ribbon: Froufrou Chic / ring box: Maintenant / stand for backdrop: Sound Illusions / table décor: Table of Contents 

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