A Blessing

October 7, 2014

When we first met Rudy & Josh, they were excited about capturing some images together with us at the location where they originally got married. Rudy wanted to draw some inspiration from her favorite show, and just have a really beautiful and romantic time remembering their  first few years of marriage together. In the process of this photography planning stage, they found out they were being blessed with a lovely baby girl .. which was a miracle for them and an answer to prayer. The shoot quickly changed from just being images of the two of them, to a celebration of the new life they were expecting as well. I’m so glad that we were able to share in their excitement, and am excited to see how their new family and life together will continue to be blessed:)

highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0001 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0002 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0003 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0004 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0005 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0006 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0007 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0008 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0009 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0010 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0011 highgrove-estate-film-wedding-photography_0012

Much love to you both, and to little Lorelai on the way :) xoxo


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