Birthdays, Adventures, and Pie Mishaps

November 3, 2013

2013_0907-14_BeachVacation-255I know that not everyone likes to make a fuss over birthdays, but call it the closeted party planner in me, or maybe it’s because a major part of my love language is giving, but every time they roll around I’m filled with excitement. It’s quadruple the excitement when my Mr.’s birthday rolls around, and this year, though he says we can keep it simple, my mind is already scheming little ways to show him how much I love him and am so happy that it’s his special day. :)

Happy birthday, my love! You are the one whose hands were made just to hold mine, whose arms are my safest place, and whose heart knows me unlike any other. Every birthday you celebrate makes me so thankful that I am the one by your side, the one who gets to go through life with you forever, and that makes me the happiest girl in the world. I’m looking forward to the adventures this new year of yours will bring, including the arrival of our little one. :) Oh, and happy first birthday as a daddy!

I wish I could make this birthday as perfect as I envisioned it to be for you, but life sure throws us some curveballs, doesn’t it? Between you still recovering from a cold and our little mishap baking the apple pies for your party (let’s just say our kitchen got VERY smoky) this morning, this day will definitely be interesting! But we’ll laugh and still have fun anyway, which is one of the traits I love about you. You always make me smile. :)

I love you so very, very much. xoxo


P.S. Please join me in wishing Brent a happy birthday in comments below! :)

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