Beans of Magic, and Romantic Hope

October 17, 2012

Is magic real? Maybe true magic in the fairy dust sense isn’t, but daydreams that are the result of enchanted ideas certainly can be. There are probably no beans that will produce a plant that grows into the clouds, but the idea of such a thing existing brings hope to children’s eyes everywhere as they wonder about such a plant … one that would grow so tall that it could be scaled and treasures could be found at the top of it. And hope for such a thing to exist is a romantic idea … it’s the reason why little girls read fairytales and secretly hope that one day their prince will show up with a glass slipper. The logic behind it may not be realistic or sound, but dreamers never made anyone believe in their ideas without a little bit of hope, or magic.

So, let’s dream a little here … about a young girl who found a little bit of magic, and wanted it to grow into something larger than life …

We’ll be sharing a little bit about the behind the scenes idea of this fairytale beanstalk story tomorrow (and where the giant plant really came from!) The jewelry for this shoot came from the talented Annie at Oh So Curio, with hair and make up by the amazing Karen Michelle Clark .. and of course Kassia was our lovely model :) xoxo

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