A Touch of Sweetness

January 2, 2013

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ~ John Steinbeck

Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Scarves and sweaters. Chilly weather and fresh-from-the-oven cookies. These are just a few things that Christmas and holiday memories are made of, and it’s even better when you can experience them together with your lover and best friend. A cozy, wintry evening at home was the inspiration behind this session we dreamed up for Zack and Kendra, who celebrated their second Christmas as newlyweds this past year. In our typical fashion, this session is infused with a bit of rustic and vintage goodness. So grab a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy this delightfully sweet love session. Maybe by the end you might want to do a little baking too. :)

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A wreath of baby’s breath reminds us of snow and looks so lovely on the gorgeous Kendra. We also adore her wintry bouquet of pinecones tucked in among little bunches of baby’s breath and pine branches.

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0008 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0009 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0010 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0011 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0012 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0013 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0014 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0015 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0016 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0017 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0018 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0019 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0020 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0021 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0022 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0023

You two are so beautiful together!

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0024 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0025 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0026 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0027 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0028 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0029 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0030 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0031 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0032 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0033 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0034 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0035 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0036

One word fits this image … breathtaking!

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0037 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0038 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0039 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0040 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0041 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0042 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0043 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0044 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0045 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0046 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0047 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0048 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0049 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0050 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0051 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0052 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0053

After a chilly stroll outside, these two warm up with a bit of baking and hot chocolate sipping together.

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0054 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0055 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0056 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0057 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0058 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0059 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0060 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0061 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0062 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0063 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0064 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0065

So precious!

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0066 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0067 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0068 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0069 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0070 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0071 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0072

Even the mugs of hot chocolate got cozy with DIY sweater cozies!

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0073 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0074 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0075 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0076 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0077 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0078 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0079 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0080

How cute is their gingerbread house, personalized with their last name!

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0081 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0082 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0083 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0084

The evening ended for these sweethearts with a candlelit cuddle on the front porch, as they gazed at the stars and dreamed as lovers do .. together.

winter-couples-photogrpahy_0085 winter-couples-photogrpahy_0086

Zack & Kendra, you two are so incredibly beautiful together! Thanks for working with us on this session and bringing all of your love into it :) We love you both!

What was you favorite image from this wintry inspiration shoot? Let us know in comments below!

xoxo, Brent & Anna

P.S. Many thanks to Lilly Beck for styling Kendra’s hair. She looked so gorgeous!

P.P.S. If you’d like to make your own gingerbread house like the one pictured in this session, we followed the recipe and instructions here. The gingerbread men and heart cookies were made with this recipe, and we can personally attest that they were delicious!

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