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Human Dogs, and Gallon Coffee Mugs

Have you ever seen things that just make you go ‘huh’? This past weekend on our trip to Virginia for our awesome engagement session with David & Kaitlyn, we saw these things that made us chuckle …

Gallon Sized Coffee Mugs

For those who just can’t get enough coffee .. this mug should be the perfect thing. I think it held about a gallon. The only person that could make this mug look even remotely close to normal is  Rubeus Hagrid. (photo from our Instagram)

The Dog with the Human Laugh

Ok, seriously. If you can make it through this video without even chuckling just a little bit, then you must be heartless. Anna thinks everyone ought to have one of these little dogs / humans / whatisit? in their home so when you have a case of the dulls, you can just turn this on and give a good belly laugh. Go ahead, try it. Do a big belly laugh now.

Vintage Chocolate Bars

Vintage and chocolate together? That’s almost as good as chocolate and peanut butter together … it’s like the perfect marriage of the world’s most beautiful people. (photo from Instagram)

Multiple Smoke Alarms with Strobes

Uhh..just in case you want to turn your hotel room into a rave party I guess … turn up the smoke and you’ve now got your room lit with multiple strobes! (we DID NOT test this in our hotel, by the way).

What are some of the oddest things you’ve seen recently?


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