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Fine Art Friday: The Moment Before

That moment before … the next big thing, the first kiss of your life, love that takes your breath away, and emotion that has a life of it’s own. Today, take time to enjoy the moments before. Love them.


When Life Swirls

Sometimes, when life swirls around you – you really need to sit down and smell the roses. Take a deep breath, hug someone you love, and find new purpose and motivation for a fresh start. Then, cut the flowers and make something beautiful with them :)

The Honesty of Shooting Film

Even though I use a mixture of film and digital in my photography, I feel confident making this statement: I am a film photographer.  To me, shooting film means more than just the medium used to capture a picture. It is an intentional way of shooting images, knowing that you have just one chance to … Read More …

The Honesty of Being an Artist

One of the key things in being an artist is being true to yourself. In the photography world, we tend to be inundated every day as we log onto Facebook or Instagram with a flood of gorgeous pictures from other photographers we follow and admire, or images that magazines or blogs feature. Why can’t my work … Read More …

Fine Art Friday: Wando River

There’s something so romantic about water. It freely flows, always downhill and into the path of least resistance. It’s almost gypsy in nature – roaming freely with no attachment to a home. This past week, the Wando River near Charleston, South Carolina reflected so much beauty in the setting sun. Have a beautiful weekend!

Less Traveled

When in doubt about a choice to make, choose the road that is less traveled by those around you. It’ll make you different. Have a wonderful weekend! Go explore, love, and create art. :) xoxo

Do What You Love, In Order to Love What You Do

Learning that only you can create happiness for yourself through contentment in a situation is a hard lesson to learn at times. It’s very easy to compare what’s going on with others around you and feel dissatisfied at their apparent successes. Lately I’ve had some of the happiest and most stressful moments of my life, … Read More …

Fine Art Friday: The Carolina Coast

A little something new we’re going to try … each Friday we’ll share a photo that we’ve taken which has spoken some kind of inspiration into our lives and art – this week we’re going to one of our favorite places, the ocean along the Carolina coast. We’re calling it Fine Art Friday. “Live in … Read More …

A Session Inspired by the 1920s: Nancy

‘Cause that was the real you running through the fields of gold wide open Standing in places no picture contains That was the real you, windows down, we could smell the mint fields crying Sing with the radio to a song we can’t name Hey brother we’re all learning to love again ~ Learning to … Read More …