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Client Welcome Gifts – A Box of Heirlooms

In this past year, our hearts have felt led to focus our photography business on promoting the things that really matter in marriage and life, going beyond beautiful weddings to inspiring our brides and grooms to build beautiful marriages. Marriage is much more than just a wedding day – it should be something that grows, weathers the storms of life … Read More …


A Blessing

When we first met Rudy & Josh, they were excited about capturing some images together with us at the location where they originally got married. Rudy wanted to draw some inspiration from her favorite show, and just have a really beautiful and romantic time remembering their  first few years of marriage together. In the process of … Read More …

A Pledge of Writing

Autumn always feels like a time for writing for me. I love to snuggle in on a chilly night, pen and paper in hand (or, sometimes just my iPhone and Tumblr!) It’s usually easy for me to come up with things to write about on my personal blog, but when it comes to the business blog, … Read More …

Fine Art Friday: The Moment Before

That moment before … the next big thing, the first kiss of your life, love that takes your breath away, and emotion that has a life of it’s own. Today, take time to enjoy the moments before. Love them.

When Life Swirls

Sometimes, when life swirls around you – you really need to sit down and smell the roses. Take a deep breath, hug someone you love, and find new purpose and motivation for a fresh start. Then, cut the flowers and make something beautiful with them :)

The Honesty of Shooting Film

Even though I use a mixture of film and digital in my photography, I feel confident making this statement: I am a film photographer.  To me, shooting film means more than just the medium used to capture a picture. It is an intentional way of shooting images, knowing that you have just one chance to … Read More …

The Honesty of Being an Artist

One of the key things in being an artist is being true to yourself. In the photography world, we tend to be inundated every day as we log onto Facebook or Instagram with a flood of gorgeous pictures from other photographers we follow and admire, or images that magazines or blogs feature. Why can’t my work … Read More …

Fine Art Friday: Wando River

There’s something so romantic about water. It freely flows, always downhill and into the path of least resistance. It’s almost gypsy in nature – roaming freely with no attachment to a home. This past week, the Wando River near Charleston, South Carolina reflected so much beauty in the setting sun. Have a beautiful weekend!

Less Traveled

When in doubt about a choice to make, choose the road that is less traveled by those around you. It’ll make you different. Have a wonderful weekend! Go explore, love, and create art. :) xoxo