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Wild & Free

“All good things are wild and free” ~ Thoreau


Less Traveled

When in doubt about a choice to make, choose the road that is less traveled by those around you. It’ll make you different. Have a wonderful weekend! Go explore, love, and create art. :) xoxo

Do What You Love, In Order to Love What You Do

Learning that only you can create happiness for yourself through contentment in a situation is a hard lesson to learn at times. It’s very easy to compare what’s going on with others around you and feel dissatisfied at their apparent successes. Lately I’ve had some of the happiest and most stressful moments of my life, … Read More …

Without a Care

Oh to be a child again, and sleep away with the day without a care in the world :) xoxo

Looking for a Few Weddings in These Southern Cities

Are you having a wedding in one of these cities?  ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA SAVANNAH, GEORGIA PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA NORFOLK / VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA GATLINBURG, TENNESSEE One of the things we love about living in the south is all the beautiful & unique destinations for weddings. We’re working … Read More …

Day of Firsts

Today is a day of firsts. Charlotte Anne celebrates her one month mark (hard to believe how fast she is growing up!), and today is the first day of spring. Thankfully, the weather is cooperating and acting springlike :) We’re about to head out for a walk in the warm sun … the light was … Read More …


Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.


Oh I feel so tired I cannot hardly keep open my eyes My thoughts are scattered and I cannot say a word and I can’t seen to remember anything I’ve learned Well do you have some of those days, When you can’t be who you wanna be When you just need to close your eyes, pull the covers up … Read More …

The Most Beautiful Mother

“Suddenly she was here. And I was no longer pregnant; I was a mother.”- Ellen Greene Just the week before Charlotte Anne arrived, I took some beautiful maternity photos of my wife. Every day I feel blessed to have this woman as my wife, and now seeing her as a new mother just makes me smile … Read More …