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A Little Bit of France

When we first heard about The Bradford wedding venue opening in our area, we knew we would be in love with it. We’re always inspired by european influenced venues, and white brick and stone patios make our hearts melt just a little bit. This type of inspired venue is unique to our area, and we can’t … Read More …


A Letter to Charlotte

As you lay asleep in my arms, I can’t help but admire your feathery lashes, the flush of sleep upon your cheeks, and those perfectly formed, relaxed rosy lips. You are beautiful, my darling. Just a few minutes ago, we were in the throes of teething, and nothing Daddy or I did could seem to … Read More …

Inspired by the Land & Water: An Editorial Shoot at the River Oaks Charleston

In May, we had the wonderful privilege of collaborating with the ladies at Rebecca Rose Events and a few other Charleston wedding professionals on a beautiful wedding editorial shoot at the River Oaks Charleston. Going to South Carolina is always so much fun, mostly because there is an abundance of spanish moss which is a … Read More …

When Life Swirls

Sometimes, when life swirls around you – you really need to sit down and smell the roses. Take a deep breath, hug someone you love, and find new purpose and motivation for a fresh start. Then, cut the flowers and make something beautiful with them :)

So Quiet

Your little hand’s wrapped around my fingerAnd it’s so quiet in the world tonight Oh, darling – don’t you ever grow up. ~ T. Swift This little girl makes us smile every day. Can’t believe how fast she is growing up.

Jason & Sarah

A warm afternoon & a lovely couple. The wind blowing gently through the trees. Handmade jeweled flower crowns. Kisses. Film: Fuji 400H / Dress: Modcloth / Earrings & Bracelet: Glitz and Love  

Wide Eyed

“We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams Hold each other to the morning light” ~ The Killers

The Honesty of Shooting Film

Even though I use a mixture of film and digital in my photography, I feel confident making this statement: I am a film photographer.  To me, shooting film means more than just the medium used to capture a picture. It is an intentional way of shooting images, knowing that you have just one chance to … Read More …

Shah Family

A year later. One adorable baby added to their family. I’m so glad that we got to spend a morning with Rupal, Lea, and Nina catching up and photographing this joyful time in their life. Lots of love to all three of you! Someday we’ll have to come visit you in Austin :) Film: Fuji400H / … Read More …